Redken Shampoo Review

Redken is American company that specializes in high-end hair care, styling and products. The name Redken comes from the founders, Jherri Redding and Paula Kent. Their products are sold exclusively at salons. Redken products found in places other than a salon, including on-line are considered “diverted” and cannot be considered genuine Redken products. The products themselves may be contaminated or use an expired formula or are out and out counterfeited. To assure that you are purchasing a genuine Redken product, only purchase them in a salon. This manufacturer offers a wide range of products including shampoo and conditioner, styling products for curly hair, straight hair, men and women, short and long hair styles. Whatever look you are trying to achieve Redken has a product to help you. They also offer products for hair problems like thinning hair. In addition to their extensive product line, Redken also trains stylists who can create a look perfect you. Redken salons are found throughout North America, Europe, New Zealand and Australia.

Redken Shampoo ReviewWe are writing a Redken shampoo review. Redken Cleanse Cream shampoo is one of Redken’s most popular products among their customers and is one of Redken’s People’s Choice products. It is designed to gently remove dirt and product build up in hair without leaving it dry and stripped. It is gentle enough for all hair types. As we all know, the use of gels, liquids, hair spray and other products can leave residue on the hair even with regular shampooing. This product is designed to remove the build up without stripping the hair which may leave it dry and unmanageable. After use, the build-up is gone and your hair is left soft and shiny.

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This is a high quality product and is frequently recommended by hair dressers. It contains fruit acids to add shine. After use your hair will feel especially clean and refreshed. A welcome feeling after dirt and product build up in the hair leaving it heavy and flat.

In Redken shampoo review we have to say that this shampoo is specifically designed to remove mineral deposit and product build-up you only use it alternately with your regular shampoo. The instructions for use are simple – you work the shampoo into your hair and rinse. If your hair contains a great deal of build up, repeat and leave on for five to ten minutes and rinse thoroughly. Some satisfied customers report that it is critical to leave it on long-enough for it to work.

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Redken Cleanse receives praise for its thorough cleaning without stripping in Redken shampoo reviews. Regular swimmers and those with hard water praise its ability to remove chlorine and other elements. Hair is squeaky clean and feels soft after styling. It has a pleasant, slightly fruity smell that is not overpowering.

Note from Redken shampoo review: This is a supplemental product and not meant to replace your regular shampoo. Despite this it is highly recommended for regular use, the best frequency being a few times a week. You can use it occasionally such as when you feel the build-up on your hair. If you use a lot of product every day, use it more often to get all the gunk and off and make your hair vibrant and healthy. Others may only need to use it very occasionally particularly if your water doesn’t contain harsh minerals and you use minimal hair products.

This is a great product to use in addition to your other quality products. It works for all hair types including hair that is color-treated, relaxed or permed. It smells great and you will definitely notice the difference. Once you try this awesome shampoo you’ll never want to go back! For the end of Redken shampoo review we can say that Redken Cleanse Cream leaves your hair shiny, so in addition to being really clean and smelling great, your hair will shine with health and vitality.

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