Nioxin Shampoo Reviews

If your hair is tinning, you have probably tried all sorts of volumizing shampoos or styling products that make your hair look thicker. The results have not been what you’ve expected, and you feel like you’ve wasted your money. You can stop the frustrating cycle of hope, anticipation, disappointment, and resentment. Talk to your stylist or doctor about Nioxin and read Nioxin shampoo reviews.

Nioxin has been helping millions of people like their hair again for over 20 years. This company was started by Eve Graham after she noticed her hair was thinning after she had her first baby. She had the brilliant idea to treat the scalp, not to “pump up” the hair that’s already grown. She started to use the same ingredients that are found in skincare products, and the results have fueled this very successful line of products.

Whether you thinning hair is a result of genetics, medication, environment, or illness, Nioxin can help. Nioxin recommends a three-step regimen for restoring your hair. Advanced technologies address the scalp, and stimulate hair growth. A healthy scalp leads to healthier hair, and the treatments vary by level. Choose the level of treatment you need – from level 1 to level 6 – and use it regularly. You’ll notice real results in no time like all Nioxin shampoo reviews say.

Even with a specialized line of products, you may notice that sometimes your hair isn’t acting the same. It may be dull or hard to manage. You may also notice something waxy along your part after you wash your hair. These are all signs of build-up. The products we use to style our hair – gels, mousses, waxes, pomades, and sprays – contain ingredients that everyday shampoos cannot remove. The resulting residue builds up and causes your hair to be unmanageable.

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There’s no need to worry, though, because Nioxin has a line of clarifying shampoos that will get rid of that residue and return your hair to its healthy, shiny self. Clarifying shampoos use special ingredients, surfactants, which cleanse your hair without stripping it. This is particularly good for your thinning hair, for it makes hair bouncy and free. If you don’t believe, read many positive Nioxin shampoo reviews online.


There are three Nioxin clarifying shampoos, and one of them is sure to be the best for you. Just use as directed and read Nioxin shampoo reviews.

Nioxin Clarifying Cleanser

Nioxin Clarifying CleanserThe Nioxin Clarifying Cleanser is a really amazing product. It can be used by people who have all hair types, as it was made with convenience in mind. It will thoroughly clean your hair, but despite this you will find that it is very gentle. It will remove the stubborn residue left from styling products, and will also cleanse your hair of minerals from hard water. Unlike some others, this shampoo will not dry out your hair, but will keep it moist, shiny and beautiful. The key ingredients are Sodium Laureth Sulfate and Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, those surfactants that are super-duper cleaners. They work to bind the residue with water so the other shampoo ingredients can it away.

Nioxin Clarifying Cleanser contains scientifically-formulated ingredients as well as natural ingredients. There’s salycilic acid, to treat the scalp; citric acid, for shine; and lemon extract, for fragrance. This clarifying shampoo is really gentle enough to use every day, but some of you may notice that your hair is a little dry. If that’s the case, cut back and use it only once per week or twice a month. Always first read Nioxin shampoo reviews and follow with your recommended regular Nioxin treatment.

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Nioxin Intensive Therapy Clarifying Cleanser

Nioxin Intensive Therapy Clarifying CleanserIf you have extremely hard water, or you expose your hair to chlorine, then you should choose this clarifier. It was designed and manufactured with these problems in mind, and you will surely find it a helpful addition to your hair maintenance routine. It’s especially formulated to go that extra little bit to cleanse each strand of your hair of mineral deposits. If you use a lot of styling products, we have more good news! This product will also effectively remove the residue from styling products and make your hair bouncy and healthy again.

Do you color your hair? Well, then some clarifying shampoos might wash out your color – but not this one! This therapeutic shampoo is also good for those of you who have color-treated hair. Your color will remain vibrant and clear, and your hair will shine, just like all that Nioxin shampoo reviews say.

Another great feature of this product are its strengthening benefits. When you expose your hair to chemical treatments, it becomes weak. Weak hair tends to break and tangle easily. Nioxin Intensive Therapy Clarifying Cleansercontains ingredients like biotin and lecithin help repair hair and give it that flexibility you love. And this product also has a wonderful smell. The menthol fragrance adds to an invigorating experience for your senses, and you are guaranteed to start really enjoying your bathtime.

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Nioxin Clarifying Shampoo Cleanser for Unisex

Nioxin Clarifying Shampoo Cleanser for UnisexThis is the latest offering in a clarifier from Nioxin. What we think it is great about Nioxin shampoo reviews and this one especially is that it has a mild fragrance and can be inconspicuously used by people of both genders. It is uses the same, gentle cleansers that will make your hair shiny and squeaky-clean.

If you use hairstyling products you already know about the gunk that builds up on your hair over time. But did you know that chlorine has a similar effect? If your hair has contact with chlorine from pools or tap water, than you should try to get rid of the build-up that makes your hair dull. This shampoo is the perfect remedy. Whether you have a build-up of product or residue from environmental factors, this new formulation is sure toget rid of it all.

Everyone can use this product, and we guarantee that you will be satisfied. This product is recommended for once-per-week use, but you may find it’s just as effective as your everyday Nioxin shampoo. If you use the product regularly, you will be able to keep you ahead of that nasty build-up and keep your hair the way you want it – healthy and manageable. Once you try this shampoo, you will never think about using something else again!

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