Giovanni Shampoo Review

Are you one of those people who seem to be always ahead of the trends? Years and years ago, you understood that using animals to test beauty products is just wrong. Going vegan? You were the first person you knew to do so. Choosing a stylist who meets your strict requirements was difficult. Now that you have a good salon, you might notice the line of natural hair care products lining the shelves, and the best among them will be from Giovanni.

A lot of stylists and salons stock this particular brand because its products are of high quality and it never fails to deliver the promised results. That is also why a lot of people have made this their favorite brand and have placed in it their full trust. This family-owned company takes natural beauty care seriously, and strives to meet the demands of finicky customers and stylists all over. Giovanni is committed to making only the best, purist products while sticking to its principles. No product or ingredient is tested on animals, and the only animal-derived product is the lip balm that contains beeswax.

It all started when a stylist, Arthur Giovanni, was working at his cushy salon in Beverly Hills. He noticed that after a long day, his hands were breaking out from the chemicals in the products he was using in his clients’ hair. He decided to do some research and this led to the development of the Giovanni brand. To this day, the Giovanni Rule of Balance states that the company will “Make each product as pure and natural as possible without sacrificing exceptional product performance.”

When you make a Giovanni purchase, you can be assured that only the latest technology and highest-quality ingredients have gone into it. Once again, you will be ahead of the trend. When your friends see how great your hair looks, they’ll want to know your secret.

Giovanni Shampoo Technology

The Giovanni brand has always strived to provide the best for their customers. Arthur Giovanni sought to find a formula based on herbs, minerals, nutrients, oils, proteins, and vitamins – only the best and most beneficial substances. He figured that these ingredients would be better on his hands, and on those of fellow stylists, and would, inevitably, be better for hair in the process. Since the base would be natural ingredients, the products would not be full of unnecessary and harsh chemicals.

Giovanni shampoos and other styling products do not contain parabens, those preservative chemicals you want to avoid. The company does its best to bring you – the customer – only the best ingredients and manufacturing styles, so that you never regret using one of their products. The company employs its science team to find ingredients that cleanse without harming hair, so they needed to find substitutes for Sodium Lauryl Sulfate and Sodium Laureth Sulfate. These ingredients are usually found in clarifying shampoos because they bind with the residue left behind by styling products and environmental pollutants.

Instead of these harsh chemicals, the scientists at Giovanni have searched and found natural ingredients to be as effective yet super-gentle to your hair. By doing this they ensure that this magnificent shampoo will leave your hair sparkly clean – and it will not damage it. With this kind of treatment, your hair will be able to return to its natural and beautiful form, and you will never have to worry about weak hair or residue again. All of these products are biodegradable, and the packaging is recyclable.

Giovanni 50/50 Balanced Hydrating Clarifying Shampoo for Normal to Dry Hair

Do you have problems with your hair? You seem to be doing everything you can to make it strong and fresh, but something seems to be missing. You are already using a great line of products with Giovanni, but you may notice that your hair sometimes needs a little pick-me-up. This is the case if you have had a color or other chemical treatment, like perming or straightening. As you probably know, these procedures harm your hair and can make it lose its natural beauty. Your hair can become dry and weak. If you add in the damage from hard water and chlorine, you can have a head full of trouble. It is only natural that you ask yourself – is there a cure to all this – some surefire way of maintaining the beauty and lushness of your hair?

The answer is Giovanni 50/50 Balanced Hydrating Clarifying Shampoo for Normal to Dry Hair. This special formula is gentle enough to use on your poor hair, and you will love the results. This clarifier removes the gunk and replaces it with beauty. It does its job without harsh chemicals, and it leaves your hair moisturized and more manageable. Your hair will become strong and it won’t be dry or lifeless anymore. Part of its magic is the surfactants – the special cleansers that foam out the dirt – which are not the usual sulfates.

Giovanni wanted to take the best possible ingredients from nature and infuse it into the ultimate hair care product. With a lot of research and effort they managed to create precisely that. This wonderful shampoo is formulated with organic botanicals like rosemary, nettle, thyme, salvia, and yarrow – al plants you’d find in your herb garden. But there are also other ingredients from Mother Nature which are known to have beneficial effects for your hair. Add in lavender, chamomile, and soybean oil, and you have natural shine and strength enhancers. The shampoo itself is refreshing and gentle, and you will definitely find yourself loving it. With its citrusy fragrance (citric acid and grapefruit extract), you’ll enjoy washing your hair and feel energized.

If you are worried about the impact your shampoo choice has on nature, you can put your mind at ease. This product is completely vegan, which is another thing by which it really stands apart from many other hair care products. When all is said and done, this shampoo is the best choice for you and your over-worked hair.